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Nassau County Judgment Enforcement Attorney /

Nassau Collections Lawyer

Peter M. Agulnick, P.C., has a diligent and aggressive judgment-enforcement / collections practice with a proven record of success for our clients in Nassau County and all Nassau County courts.  While we serve larger clients such as banks and corporations, our firm prides itself on also representing individual clients and referrals from other attorneys for matters in Nassau  and Nassau County courts (including the Supreme Court of New York, Nassau County and the District Court of Nassau County).  

Whether you obtained your own judgment that you want enforced or you desire a collections lawyer to obtain a judgment and fully litigate money owed on a contract, promissory note, credit card, or other obligation, the law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. can help you.  Let an experienced judgment-enforcement lawyer speak with you about the collection of a debt or judgment enforcement throughout all of New York State, but especially Nassau County where we appear in court regularly and reside.

Using an attorney, over a collection agency, is a vastly more effective way of collecting a judgment or debt.  Although this law firm works on an hourly-fee basis, our office often works with clients on a contingency-fee basis depending on the type of case you have.  This means clients do not pay an attorney fee unless we make a recovery for you or your company.

Below are just some of the services that the law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. is experienced in performing:

  • Investigating judgment debtors to discover assets.
  • Sending initial collections letters.
  • Commencing lawsuits.
  • Freezing a judgment debtor's bank accounts and portfolios by serving restraining notices and information subpoenas.
  • Garnishing judgment debtors’ wages.
  • Conducting depositions of judgment debtors to determine the location of assets.
  • Arranging for the seizure of judgment debtors' assets and property by an authorized sheriff or marshal.
  • Placing a lien on judgment debtors' real property (meaning land, house, apartment, etc.) or personal property (non-land type property like jewelry, machinery, cars, etc.) throughout Long Island (including in Nassau County and  Suffolk County).
  • Executing on a judgment by seizing judgment debtors' shares of stock in a privately held or publicly traded corporation or other business entity.
  • Obtaining judgments on a promissory note, bounced check, stop-payment check, or affidavit of confession of judgment.
  • Drafting iron-clad settlement agreements with judgment debtors that yield payments.
  • Commencing litigation against a third-party where there has been a fraudulent transfer of assets; in other words, where a judgment debtor gives away all his assets (house, money, or other items) to others, often relatives, to avoid paying his creditors.
  • Finally, our office is available to individuals and out-of-state attorneys to “domesticate” a judgment in New York State and enforce it against assets located in the New York.  The law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. can domesticate a judgment from any U.S. state or even a judgment from many foreign countries.  New York State procedural law for this task is different than other states.  Under New York law, a judgment obtained on the merits (meaning the other side appeared in the court proceeding before the judgment was entered) can merely be registered in New York State by filing fairly simple paperwork. (See N.Y. CPLR Articles 53 and 54).  However, judgments obtained by default (meaning the other side never appeared) cannot merely be registered.  Instead, a proceeding must be brought “on the judgment” where one moves for summary judgment.  Our office is experienced at domesticating and enforcing judgments in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), New York.
Contact our office for a no-obligations free consultation with a attorney by telephone or E-mail us.

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