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Peter M. Agulnick, P.C., has a diligent and aggressive judgment-enforcement / collections practice with special knowledge and experience in litigating fraudulent-conveyance actions to successful outcomes.  

Under New York's Debtor and Creditor Law, one may bring a fraudulent-transfer action against a debtor where a debtor conveys an asset without adequate consideration.  In layman's terms, "adequate consideration" means for little or no money.  In other words, where someone gives away his assets for little or no money to another person in an attempt to appear insolvent so he does not have to pay his creditors.  This most often occurs between a spouse who is a debtor (or judgment debtor) and another non-debtor spouse. 

New York's Debtor and Creditor law (and judgment enforcement in general) is complex and esoteric.  Most attorneys unfortunately are unfamiliar and inexperienced prosecuting fraudulent conveyance lawsuits.  However, attorneys at our law firm, routinely handle such matters and know the intricacies to obtain profitable outcomes for our clients.

Fraudulent transfer actions (also known as fraudulent conveyance lawsuits) can be brought, under the right circumstances, where the asset is transfered before a lawsuit, after a lawsuit, and after a creditor obtained a money judgment.

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