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NOTE: Contacting or consulting with a lawyer from this law firm (by email, telephone, or otherwise) does not mean that this law firm is acting as your attorney or has agreed to advise you or represent you in any capacity.  Consultation is solely so both you and this law firm can determine if your matter is appropriate for this law firm to handle  After your consultation, both you and our law firm must mutually agree to have the law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. represent you by signing a written contact.  This written contact, also know as a "retainer agreement," is signed by you and an attorney from our law firm. The retainer agreement clearly explains the cost of representation and the scope of legal work that a lawyer at this law firm will perform for you. 

Without a signed retainer agreement, our law firm does NOT represent you.  Keep in mind that some legal matters and claims have specific time limits in which they must be brought.  Claims and legal rights can be jeopardized if certain action is not taken within specific time periods.  Accordingly, please do not have the mistaken belief that your matter is being handled by this law firm unless, after this this law firm agrees to represent you, you obtain a written retainer agreement SIGNED by both you AND a representative of this Law Firm.