Out-of-State Judgment Enforcement in New York:  Let our
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New York law allows one who has obtained a judgment from a different state to "domesticate" it in New York State (sometimes called "converting the judgment to a New York judgment").  Indeed, U.S. Constitution Art. IV, § 1 (the "Full Faith and Credit Clause") guarantees this right to any judgment creditor holding a judgment from any of the other states to domesticate it in New York.  Lawyers at our office routinely perform this tasks for our clients and other attorneys located outside of New York.

Why would one want to domesticate an out-of-state judgment in New York? 

Many reasons exist.  Here are just some:

How is an out-of-state Judgment actually "domesticated" in New York?

If the out-of-state judgment was not obtained on default (meaning the other side actually appeared in the out-of-state lawsuit from which the judgment was issued), then the process is simple and quick.  One files an "authenticated" copy of the out-of-state judgment and an affidavit from the judgment creditor stating information required by New York law.  To make sure it is done correctly, an attorney should draft the affidavit and file it.  Once it's filed and a fee is paid, the county clerk enters the judgment making it enforceable the same way as a New York judgment.

On the other hand, if the judgment was obtained by default (meaning the other side did not appear in the out-of-state lawsuit), then the procedure is a little more complex and time consuming under New York State procedural law.  Default judgments cannot merely be registered under the simple procedure described immediately above.  Instead, a proceeding must be brought "on the judgment" where one brings an actual lawsuit (usually in the form of a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint, which is quicker and does not involve a trial).  In such a lawsuit, the merits of the underlying judgment (i.e., the reasons the sister-state awarded the judgment in the first place) cannot be disputed.  Further, few defenses exist that the judgment debtor can use to oppose the lawsuit.  Attorneys at our office are very experienced in bringing and defending these types of lawsuits.

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