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Attorneys at the law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. represent individuals in bringing claims for false arrest, false imprisonment, police misconduct, and civil rights violations against the New York City police, New York State police, and other municipality police.

Although the vast majority of police in New York serve as police officers commendably, there are, unfortunately, the rare bad apples. If you have been falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, or otherwise subjected to police misconduct in New York City or New York State, an attorney form this law firm can represent you in a civil rights claim against the NYC police or responsible municipality-employer of the New York police entity. A lawyer from this law firm can bring a claim against the New York City police for false arrest / false imprisonment.  An experienced attorney can also bring claims under New York State tort law (false arrest, false imprisonment, wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, and others) and federal claims (42 U.S.C. § 1983).

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Do I have a False-Arrest Case against the Police?

Under New York law, one has a false-arrest (also known as "false imprisonment" and "wrongful arrest") claim against the Police where all of the following occur: (1) a police officer stops and confines you (i.e., arrests you); (2) you were aware of the confinement; (3) you did not consent to the confinement (this does not technically have to be imprisonment (the mere holding of you is sufficient); and (4) The confinement was not privileged, which in most cases means the police did not have probable cause to arrest you.

Probable cause exists where it was reasonable under the circumstances to believe that you committed a crime.  If it was unreasonable at the time of your arrest for the police officer to believe you committed a crime, you likely have a good case for false arrest/imprisonment.  A good sign that you were arrested without probable cause is where the charges against you were dismissed or the District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute you.  Under such circumstances, you should call our office right away to discuss your matter.

It is important to understand that the facts of each potential false-arrest claim are different and should be analyzed by a wrongful-arrest lawyer at our firm.

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Update on False Arrests in Brooklyn:

According to a Sept. 7, 2022 press release that the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney's Office issued, 13 New York City Police officers/detectives have "been found guilty of crimes that were committed while on [police] duty."  Accordingly, the District Attorney's Office is moving to vacate many convictions by these police officers.  Call our law firm to speak to a false-arrest lawyer if you have been falsely arrested and imprisoned by any of the following New York City police officers/detectives named in the District Attorney's press release: