Attorney Practice Areas

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The law firm of Peter M. Agulnick, P.C. represents clients in the following areas:

Judgment Enforcement / Judgment Collection

Enforcement of judgments and collections for individuals, companies, and on behalf of other attorney's referred clients.  In addition, we bring can register/domesticate your sister-state (out-of-state) judgment or foreign-country judgment in New York State and enforce it here.  Further, we bring post-judgment fraudulent-conveyance lawsuits.

False Arrest / False Imprisonment and Civil Rights Law

 Representing individuals falsely arrested by police in actions and claims against police and municipalities.

Commercial / Business Litigation

Contractual disputes, partnership disputes, stock-holder disputes, fraud, business torts, injunctions, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, property damage, judgment enforcement, insurance coverage, and employment matters.

Insurance Coverage Law / Property Damage Law

Representing insurance policyholders whose property-damage claims are wrongfully denied by their first-party insurance companies.   Also handling property damage claims and suits against third-party tortfeasors and their insurance companies.

Personal Injury / Accidents

Representing individuals injured in all accidents including, car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, construction accidents, assault and battery, and civil rights matters.  For personal injury cases, we charge no attorney fee unless our client obtains a recovery.  Call us for a free case evaluation with a lawyer.