New York Personal Injury Attorney FAQs

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Q:  How much will hiring a personal injury attorney cost?

A:  For injury cases, we charge no attorney fee up front.  Instead, all accident cases accepted by this office are handled on a one-third "contingency" basis.  This means you keep two-thirds of any recovery obtained and our office keeps one-third as the attorney fee.  If there is no recovery, you pay no attorney fee.  Fees and expenses are paid at the conclusion of your case and are subtracted from the recovery.

Q: Can I get a free consultation with an attorney at your office?

A:  Yes.  We offer a free consultation with an attorney by telephone.  Call us at tel. 212-571-2266 or E-mail us at

Q:  Can I recover money for my injuries if I was partially at fault for an accident?

A:  Yes.  In New York, an injured person may recover money for his or her injures even if he is partially at fault. However, the recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to the injured party.

Q:  Although I've been injured, I feel bad about making the responsible party pay me money.  I do not want to hurt anyone financially.  In light of this concern, should I still pursue a recovery for my injuries?

A:  Yes.  In most instances, the person or organization that is responsible for your injuries will have insurance to cover the accident that you've had.  For example, all vehicles on the road in New York (and most states) are required to have liability insurance to cover others who are hurt in car accidents.  Moreover, many public businesses and even private homes have insurance to protect the owners in the event that someone is injured on their premises.  Consequently, the persons or organizations at fault will often pay no money towards your recovery.  Instead, their insurance companies will pay your recovery.

Q:  I was hurt in an accident, but I am hesitant about making a claim.  If I make a claim, will I have to go to court and, ultimately, testify at trial?

A:  Probably not.  Many claims are settled before a lawsuit is ever filed.  Moreover, where a lawsuit is filed, the vast majority of cases are settled out of court before a trial is ever held.  When you hire this firm, you will have a lawyer that is effective in negotiating settlements because he is fully prepared to go to trial if our clients do not get the settlement they deserve.

Q:  What types of personal injury claims does your office handle?

A:  We handle all types of accident cases.

Q:  How much is my accident case worth?  How much can I recover for my injury?

A:  There are a multitude of variables to consider.  Please contact our office for a free consultation with an attorney.

Q: Is there a time limit for bringing a claim or lawsuit?

A:  Yes.  Under New York law, many negligence claims have a three-year statute of limitations or time limit.  Moreover, some claims against municipalities, such as the City of New York, require you to file paperwork within ninety days of your accident. There are, however, many exceptions.  For instance, the statute of limitations is usually extended for minors or those in the United States military.
Because of the statutes of limitations, it is important that you speak with a lawyer immediately to get a definitive answer.  It is also important that you speak with a lawyer even if you may be time barred as there are many complicated exceptions that your lawyer may be able to invoke.

Q: I'm not happy with my present attorney.  May I switch to your office and, if so, how much will it cost?

A:  Yes.  You may switch to our office.  The total attorney fee will not increase as the result of you switching attorneys.

Q:  I have further questions.  How can I get them answered?

A:  Please call us at tel. 212-571-2266 or E-mail us at